Improving the Vitality of our Little Ones

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"Avoiding toxins, proper nutrition, and healthy lifestyle choices can make a crucial difference in pregnancy outcomes, as well as the health and vitality of our children.
Pregnancy complications and children"s chronic health problems have steadily increased over the years. By the time American children reach the age of five, more than 40% will be diagnosed with chronic health conditions, such as:
Allergies (food & environmental)
Neurodevelopmental disorders
Autoimmune disease
Childhood cancers
Chronic viral & bacterial infections
Mood disorders
Scientific studies demonstrate that a high incidence of problem pregnancies and serious, chronic disorders among children are in large measure the result of environmental factors and nutritional deficiencies. Catching these issues before pregnancy can improve your experience as well as the life-long health of your child. Our practice assists you with proper testing and individualized treatment and support for you and your child."

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