Infant Massage

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"The sense of touch develops before all other senses in embryos, as early as 8 weeks in utero. Touch is the main way in which infants learn about their environment and bond with other people. The parent is viewed as the primary source of interaction in the context of the infant"s life. The dynamics of infant massage facilitate parenting skills, positive infant-parent interaction, bonding and attachment, and parents" ability to read their babies" cues. Based on this understanding, I am in service to families to facilitate them in cultivating healthy, deep, loving, nurturing, relationships with their children that will last a lifetime and as a result transform community, nation and world. Parent's often find that their baby sleeps better, fusses less, and has better digestion when massaged regularly. As well as incorporating essential elements of bonding, infant massage provides a focused one-on-one time that fosters mutual love, compassion.This class is designed for parents and caregivers to easily learn a basic massage routine and integrate it into the daily care of baby."

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