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"Life is unpredictable.
Even the best-laid plans can go awry when you"re dealing with chronic health issues caused by brain or neurological trauma.
Neurological trauma can be caused by a direct blow to the head. However, you can also experience physiological ailments from growing up with unavailable parents, living with addicts, experiencing physical and emotional abuse, physical or mental trauma, radiation and chemotherapy, adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals, addiction, and so much more.
There are many faces and symptoms of brain and neurological trauma. I"m going to name a few. Let me know if you can relate to any of them:
Cognitive fatigue or brain fog
Frequent weepiness
Anger and aggression
Zinging or itchy body
Getting frustrated easily
Panic attacks
Difficulty following train of thought
Frequent headaches
Avoiding making calls, checking emails, filling out paperwork
Sensitivity to lighting, especially LED and fluorescent lighting
Closing your eyes to hear others or to speak
Exhaustion (falling asleep within minutes of laying down)
Inability to do what others seem to easily accomplish: working out, time management, planning, packing, paying bills, money management, problem solving, etc.
Avoiding busy public places or social gatherings
In addition to some of these symptoms, you"re still expected to carry on with life as normal and act like you"re okay no matter what even if inside you"re falling apart.
And the worst part?
No matter how many doctors or specialists you"ve gone to, you"re still not getting better and you"re not sure how long you can keep on going like this.
If these sound like you, you"re not alone."

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