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Connecting to the love that is in you, may be the greenest thing you can do to help heal yourself and the planet Earth.
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"Connecting to the love that is you, is maybe the most green thing you can do. For yourself, for your family, and for the planet. Green is the color that represents the heart chakra. This energy center governs the heart and the place from where we connect to the deep, unconditional love we have for ourselves, and everyone and everything around us. The most effective way to heal our planet is to heal and connect to the love that is us. Love is not just in us, LOVE IS US.
Going green can be considered a state of being, or consciousness. It is connecting to the true essence of us and understanding that this essence is in everything and everyone around us. We are all connected. Humans, animals, plants, insects, soil, rocks, etc. We are all connected to this planet Earth. The Earth tends to us, as we should tend to her. Our job is to know ourselves deep enough to feel the love within, so that it may drive our intentions and actions in life.
When you see everything with an open heart, you naturally desire to nurture everything around you. When you have love, it makes it easier to have hope. So rather than seeing everything around as doom and gloom, your attention goes toward that which shines light on the beauty of life. There is always hope, but when people cannot see it, they will not be working toward solutions or driven to help anything they see as a lost cause.
Love is the driving force behind most all action in life. If we look at people who start wars, cause destruction, and do harm to the world, we can see that behind this human, was a child who wasn"t loved unconditionally. When a person is trying to compensate or lash out because they were not accepted and loved as a child, they are affecting life all around them. Dark feelings can take over, when people feel unloved and unworthy. Some of those people come into great power and can be capable of great destruction of our planet and all beings that reside here.
As cheesy as all of this may sound to some, I think we can all agree that a planet of humans who are loving, would quite naturally heal rather than destroy their environment. Imagine if every human was fully open in their heart, had no wounds with which to spew hate through, and no insecurities to try and compensate for?
We as individuals can connect to this love within us, forgive ourselves and others for the past, and be present right here. This may be the "greenest" thing we can do. The love we embody will empower others to do the same and the trickle effect will change the course of the future. Love is respect and compassion for ourselves (most importantly), and everything and everyone around us. Our motivations, decisions, and actions will reflect this.
We will not feel the need to take more than is necessary. We will clean up after ourselves and waste less. We will avoid toxic and harmful products because we will consider the impact on ourselves and our surroundings. We will nurture life and teach our children to do the same because it is in our nature to nurture, care for, and love. We will all live happier, healthier lives as people and planet.
Love is Green. Be Love. Love Life."

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