Recalling Self & Nature Reconnection

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"Recalling Your Self must come before the Nature Reconnection and each is a 3 or 6 session series. An interview session must be had before a series is started.
Recalling Your Self can be performed in my office or possibly in your home, but preferably outside somewhere private. You'll learn to feel your own energy, get comfortable playing, then learn tricks for clearing and aligning yourself, strengthening your boundaries, and feeling others' energies, with a focus on protecting against transference and mirroring.
Nature Reconnection will be an outdoor experience. Somewhere safe and without interruption. It begins with expanding your understanding of yourself into accepting your Nature as an animal, which will take some shadow work for many. Once you can accept that you are a part of the whole, experiencing yourself as Whole follows easily.
Awareness of the Unseen in these exercises is attained through meditation and breathwork. No use of substances is required or encouraged."

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