Shamanic Journey and Expressive Visioning

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"This intriguing and surprising class will introduce you to Shamanic Journeying, a skill also referred to as Lucid Dreaming or Expressive Visioning. This skill awakens the sub-conscious dream state, used to gain understanding beyond the range of ordinary sensory perception. You will learn how to use this skill for your own guidance, insight, and healing for yourself and others. This class is an excellent way to either begin or renew a conscious relationship with our spiritual self.This class embraces the studies of Core Shamanism, the term used by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies defined as "the universal or near-universal principles and practices of shamanism not bound to any specific cultural group or perspective, as originated, researched, and developed." Shamanism is the earth-based spiritual foundation of the world religions, grounded in nature, that see human beings and the Earth as interdependent for mutual health. These traditions honor the power and sacredness of each person, animal, plant, and stone. Shamanism is a healing and problem-solving method. A shaman is a person who practices to expand perception into the part of the self that expresses spirit/soul/consciousness for purposes of insight, guidance or healing for self and others. You will be introduced to the methods of the shaman to enter non-ordinary reality for problem solving and healing. Experience this ancient process of global shamanic base traditions to connect with spirit for insight, healing, awakened intuition, and consciousness expansion. Learn of your power animals, spirit guides, the upper and lower worlds."

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