Stress takes our breath away

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"Stress takes our breath away. It puts the weight of the world on our shoulders and keeps our stomach in knots. Breathwork is an intervention and an invitation to find rest. This practice combines diaphragmatic breathing with hands-on support for organs and lymphatics. Why does the anatomy of breathing matter? Because, to come to rest, our nervous system needs our pumps pumping, our fluids flowing, and our tissues tended.
Body Breath is a hands-on breathwork practice that can help your nervous system shift out of fight/flight (sympathetic state) into rest/digest (parasympathetic state). You will learn how to use your own hands to encourage the flow and function of your drain detox system (lymphatic) and you will learn how to properly breathe to stimulate the vagal nerve (for parasympathtic downregulation).
There will be no rapid breathing, controlled rhythm, breath holding, or alternate nostril breathing. A slow, curious exploration of the edges of a full breath through the nose, without any force or regulation, can help soothe (down-regulate) a stressed nervous system. This practice can be a somatic support for those already pursuing other therapies (counseling, physical therapy, etc.), or for anyone interested in somatic support. The bodywork modalities in this class are "visceral manipulation" and "manual drainage of the deep lymphatic vessels.""

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