The Power of a Positive Affirmation

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"Have you ever used an affirmation to improve your life before? There is so much power in a positive affirmation. Are you aware of what you continuously tell yourself about you, your life, and your situation? Did you know that what you say to yourself is like a program for how you want your life to be? With all that said, do you think you are affirming positive experiences for your life, or negative?
We all have a mind that likes to tell us stories. This is how meditation can help to improve our lives, by quieting our thoughts and making us more aware of what we are telling ourselves. Do you affirm worries, or do you affirm faith? Do you affirm illness or do you affirm health? Do you affirm scarcity, or do you affirm abundance? Every day our mind is an endless loop of affirmations and if we don"t hone in on what we want, we often affirm what it is that we don"t want in our lives.
Several years back when my daughter was starting middle school and we began butting heads over anything and everything, I could feel my worries becoming dominant. My worries were affirming that she was going to struggle and have difficulties if she wasn"t listening to my advice and following the rules I had set forth. I could see that I was getting nowhere with her but constant battling, then one day, an affirmation popped into my head.
"Let Her Be, Have Faith, Trust".
I repeated this affirmation again and again, so instead of fighting with her, I surrendered to this knowing that she would be fine and I was to let go of the reigns and trust in her path. This allowed us to have a better relationship, and for me to let go of the anguish in losing control over her. After all, as our kids get older, we are supposed to let them begin to take the reins a bit, and it may be difficult, but it is necessary for our growth and for theirs. This was a powerful affirmation and I still use it today. Not just for her, but for anything I encounter that tries to become a worry. "Let It Be, Have Faith, Trust" has become a regular mantra in my life."

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