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"The program will advocate for what we regard as the "great experiment," which is simply to experiment and experience three months without any dopamine spiking chemicals (alcohol and any addictive substances or processes), and then to simply see for oneself if life feels and functions better. That is the bottom line the results have to speak for themselves, and most clients come to recognize the results are worth the effort.
. Along with reclaiming the love and trust of family and friends, clients have experienced a vibrancy, enthusiasm and even joy in letting go of the burdens of chemical dependency. Discovering how humility can lead to a more genuine, confident sense of self has been the surprising experience of most clients. What you bring to the program, will be the primary determinant of what you get from it.
Of course it would be great to say that a life without substance abuse or addiction would result in utter and complete happiness. But the reality is that life inevitably has its ups and downs, its freedom but also its limitations. A clean and sober lifestyle allows us to bring our best selves to the process. By discovering our deeper wells of personal authenticity, we can reclaim our ability to make healthy choices, place appropriate boundaries on unhealthy relationships and rediscover the joys and richness found in healthy relationships."

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