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Counseling for joy provides individual, couples and family therapy. Our approach is individualized and non-judgemental to focus on your unique concerns.
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"We all experience challenges, conflict, and injuries from time to time. Research shows that psychotherapy is effective in promoting healing and integration. Recent discoveries about the nervous system demonstrate that we are "wired" for relationship. This means that on both neurological and psychological levels, we heal and grow best when a positive relationship contributes to the changes we need to make.Whether you are an individual, a family, a couple, a teen, or a child, my compassionate presence and professional experience can support your healing and help make the changes you long for. Our work together will change your nervous system. It will change mine also. I welcome the opportunity to experience the impact of your life on mine. Sitting with those who are devoted to their own growth and healing brings me joy every day. I am confident our walk together on the road of discovery will bring joy to you also."

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