Things to Know as the Journey Begins

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"Will my consultation be confidential?
When we speak together in person your confidentiality is assured. If you choose to send me information by email, you should be aware that the internet is not always secure and other people may see the communication. I will not disclose your emails to anyone else unless ordered to do so by law.
What should I do if I feel in danger?
Counseling for Joy is not equipped to handle mental health crisis. If you believe you are in danger from others, or are a danger to yourself or others, please contact the police or go to the closest emergency room.
How long does a session last?
Sessions typically last one hour. For families, 90-minute sessions work best for most types of issues. If your needs necessitate a differently timed session, that may be worked out during your first session.
What is a typical length of time for someone to engage in therapy?
Healing is an organic process and does not proceed according to specific measurements; however, some people find that they have small areas of concern that take only 3 or 4 sessions, and others with more complex matters choose to seek support for a longer period of time.
What results will I experience after the first session?
Regardless of what brings you to therapy, our first session will provide compassionate listening and analysis of the problems. You will leave with more clarity, sense of purpose and an emotional feeling of being heard and seen for who you really are. Depending on your individual concerns, you may also leave with new goals or having experienced some resolution of persistent problems.
Is it worth it to come to therapy if I think my partner won"t come?
Yes. One person can effectively work on issues that affect a partnership or whole family. If it is desirable to include others, our work together will explore ways to invite them.
Will there be homework or activities outside of the therapy session?
That depends on you and what you seek. Sometimes, practice activities and additional homework can be helpful. We recognize that life is busy, and we want to avoid busy work for the sake of looking busy. All suggested activities would be tailored to your own circumstances.
What if I"ve had bad experiences in therapy before?
Therapy is first and foremost about a relationship between you and someone who is trained to work with many different kinds of people. If you previously tried working with a therapist and felt it was unsuccessful, that may be because the therapists" personality was not a good fit for you. Therapy is only useful if you feel comfortable with your therapist. The journey must be a joyful one, and you may recognize that you"re on the path with the wrong person. Trust your instincts.
I will support you in finding the best therapist for you, even if that is not me."

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