What Does Acupuncture Feel like?

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Quoted From: https://jenniferbuys.com/acupuncture-faqs/

"Some people have fear or anxiety when they think of needles. This may arise, in part, to associations created from having blood drawn as well as vaccinations and shots throughout our lives. In these procedures, larger, hollow-tip needles are used which can sometimes cause pain. This is very different from acupuncture needles, which are not hollow-tipped, and can be as thin as a human hair.There are many different sensations that can be experienced when the needles are inserted and retained. You may feel an ache or soreness, a warmth, a distending or full sensation at the site of insertion, a "zing" that comes and goes, or a spreading sensation. All of these are considered to be therapeutic sensations, indicating that the points and channels are active and your body is starting to shift. However, if it is ever too strong, sharp, or uncomfortable, then it is important to let your practitioner know, even if it is one of the therapeutic sensations.One of the most important aspects of a treatment is that you are able to relax as completely as possible. The more you are able to relax and release any tension in your body, the more effective the acupuncture treatment can be. Therefore, if you experience anything that brings lasting tension into your body, it is important to say something. This communication between patient and practitioner is vital in any healing relationship."

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