What Dream Is This? Capturing the Message of Our Dreams

Why this resource is helpful:

Therapists and scientists have learned that our dreams have information for our waking lives. Dream information allows us to heal and grow.
Quoted From: https://www.counselingforjoy.com/dreamwork-therapy/

"Our dreams are the stories of our lives. They are also an adaptive biological mechanism. They are the photographs of the past and the maps for the journey ahead. As we sleep, the brain and unconscious provide visual access to the themes and characters we encounter in our travels throughout our lives. Insights about our strengths and weaknesses emerge from dreams. Messages about our emotional states are encoded from the limbic brain and brought on up to the prefrontal cortex. The darkness that is within us all is brought to light and transformed. Dreams shine the light on our authentic selves and enable us to separate from destructive patterns that cause us to stray from the true path."

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