What is Wholistic Mentoring?

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"Mentoring is a system for supporting character development, deepening self-understanding and topic-focused understanding, and achieving life goals in both personal and professional arenas.
Everyone longs to be seen and heard. Sometimes this may be all that you need in a session. Simply being witnessed can anchor a process of self-exploration in ways that enhance self-expression, self-insight, and integration of life experiences without any other input needed. Jessica's listening is both active and intuitive, supported by her years of experience both practicing and receiving different styles of listening. Her listening skills are also supported by years of study and practice with psychological theory such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and depth psychology, as well as years of intuitive development through meditation, ritual, ceremony, and time in nature. Mentoring also includes asking questions to help you uncover new sides to your explorations, offering fresh perspectives and creative potential solutions to help you reach your goals. All mentorships are a collaboration between the two of us in support of your goals."

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