Youth Summer Arts Adventures

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"Drawing for Ages 4-7 Everybody likes to draw! In this class, we make our own notepad and explore the essentials of drawing, from line and shapes to value and patterns, drawing from looking, and self, family, pet and group portraits. Your student will have fun learning control of their drawing and how to use different tools. Use of erasers, graphite, wax crayons and oil pastel in a custom sketchbook will help inspire your little ones who may be learning that they love to draw!
Drawing from Life Ages 8-12Drawing from observation is a great way to learn drawing skills and develop better control of drawing! In this class, students will learn to observe and draw in more detail and use tools for drawing from life. We will learn to craft and draw a still life with props, learn to look at the world around us, and do fast sketches and long drawings. Students make their own sketchbook to fill with observational drawings using classical methods of observational drawing. Materials include charcoal, graphite pencils, chalk pastel and sketch paper.
Drawing from Nature Ages 8-12Have you drawn a tree? A bug? A building? Drawing outside is a perfect way to notice the world around you! In this class, students will make their own sketchbook to take outside and learn to draw from observation in the park, sculpture courtyard and playground just adjacent to The Arts Center building by looking at plants, bugs, trees, sculptures and buildings- anything outside that inspires closer observation. Classes take place between The Arts Center and outdoor spaces. Materials include sketchbook notepad, graphite pencil, erasers and colored pencil.
Drawing at the Corvallis Museum Ages 13-18Teens and young writers and visual artists participate in a class about writing and drawing your own story at The Corvallis Museum. Using the Museum"s exhibitions for inspiration, we will take our sketchbooks into the museum to cultivate characters and storylines from the artworks we observe, then work out of the museum"s main Making Space in the process of learning how to create a storyboard. Storyboarding paper and drawing tools are provided (pencils, erasers, straightedges and fine line inking pens) and students are highly encouraged to bring their favorite markers, pens and pencils as we explore what makes a story using images and words.
Clay Creations for Ages 8-12In this clay class, students will learn a variety of clay techniques such as scratch and attach, slab building, and coil building. Students will practice a new skill and work on a different project each day. Students will get to take home their work after it"s fired & glazed!
Fun w/ Fiber Arts for Ages 8-12In this class, students will create a variety of projects using natural fibers such as wall hangings, round weavings, and much more!"

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