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Quoted From: https://www.insightnorthwest.com/blog/6-questions-to-challenge-negative-thoughts

"Have you ever considered the power of your thoughts? We"ve all been conditioned to know that thinking positively is important. We are taught to look at the bright side, keep a positive outlook and think positive thoughts. But as life gets stressful, and it always does, it becomes harder and harder to maintain a healthy outlook. While we all know to an extent the importance of positive thinking, it is commonly underestimated just how much weight our thoughts can carry. Whether negative or positive, our thoughts are constant and overwhelming. Unfortunately, as human beings, a vast majority of our thoughts tend to be negative often without us even realizing. Negative thoughts are powerful and have the ability to color the way we view the world, how we function in our every-day lives and even how successful we are in our careers. They can be dangerous and lead us down a detrimental path, if not managed or corrected. The good news is that there are many ways to address negative thought patterns and to overcome negative thinking. Keep reading to learn the importance of being intentional with your thinking and questions to challenge negative thoughts.You may have heard the phrase, "What you think is what becomes of you". And while that sounds like an exaggerated, sweeping statement, essentially, it"s the truth. The thoughts we have form neural pathways in our mind that eventually change our neuropathways in a more permanent way. The negative thoughts you think repetitively eventually become a part of who you are, happening automatically without your control. Automatic negative thoughts are the thoughts in which we instinctually have, that form habits and eventually change our outlook completely. Negative thoughts truly become a self-fulfilling prophecy in the sense that they have the power to move from negative thoughts to negative outcomes. Automatic negative thinking, when taken at face value and believed by the mind, can lead to negative perspective, negative actions and attracting negative outcomes and circumstances. On the contrary, however, infiltrating your mind with positive thoughts can have the same effect in a good way."

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