About East-West Fusion Bodywork

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Quoted From: https://flourishmassagewellness.com/offerings/bodywork/east-west-fusion/

"This type of massage combines the Eastern style of meridian massage and acupressure with relaxing strokes of Swedish massage and Deep Tissue techniques. This fusion massage is effective, relaxing and therapeutic.
The stimulation of the meridians accesses the deeper levels of the body affecting qi flow, organ health and blood movement. Acupressure is used to release tension, focus on specific organs and balance the energetic system. Long strokes, kneading and assisted stretching relax the muscles, encouraging blood flow and allowing you to drift into a state of blissful relaxation. Michelle is highly skilled at finding problem areas and this is where deep tissue massage is performed. These techniques will break up adhesions, loosen tight connective tissue and increase mobility in joints.
This is a multilevel, multifaceted massage, working on deep to superficial levels of the body. You may feel the pleasant "buzz" of qi flowing during and after your session, along with deep relaxation and relief from long held tensions.
The East-West Fusion massage is excellent for general relaxation and revitalization, or for specific concerns or goals."

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