Access Consciousness

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Information about Access Consciousness, Bars, Symphony of Possibility and Access Facelift.
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What gift are you to everything and everyone that you have never even considered? Would you like to find out? Come play!"The Bars" are thirty two points on the head, which when gently touched by a Bars Practitioner, release trapped energy. It is compared to de-fragging the hard drive on your computer: unloading the outdated and unnecessary files that gum up the works. Having your Bars run is extremely relaxing, and often you start to receive awareness that you never have before! It can also help release trauma and points of view that create limitation. "Empowering people to know what they know" is the mission statement. You can have your bars run to address specific complaints, or you can have them run to nourish yourself and your wellbeing. Like a massage for the nervous system, and absolutely indispensable for empath's energetic hygiene, Bars is a wonderful addition to regular self care regimens."

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