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"You want to integrate the different parts of yourself from physical to mental to emotional. You sense a connection between your experience of life and the stories you are wearing in your body. You want to be in deep conversation with yourself and your life by RECONNECTING to your body and the stories there. You want to change your relationship to reality by learning that you can consciously choose which reality you move from.
Bodymind Integrative Work is a holistic form of bodywork that welcomes all aspects of your present moment experience. It is a collaborative process that empowers clients to play a more active part in their own healing process. Through mindfulness and dialogue, your emotions, thoughts, images and memories and the meaning you give to them are welcomed and explored. This way of working hones your curiosity, participation in life, and empowerment. You are given insight into your own body-mind processes so that you can maintain your own well-being between sessions.
Mindfulness creates the connection to self that can help identify the source of the pain. You find a connection to the self that gets to decide how it"s going to be."

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