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"Addictive behaviors are misdirected attempts to fill a void, to take refuge, to find comfort and absorption, to find connection and love, or to find oneself. Instead of meeting these core needs in healthy ways, we seek substitution with external realities - through substances, pleasures, highs and rushes, desires, attachments, rewards, relationships and other people.It is never the substance, behavior or other person in question that is really the true problemit is our relationship to them that becomes problematic and destructive. Hence, treatment or the solution, must be focused on us internally.The ways in which we can get sidetracked are endless. In dependency, we are bound to and by our own external attachments. Addiction"s tentacles and effects can run deep and wild in our lives and our consciousness. For many men, there is often seemingly no other wellspring to draw from, apart from their own learned conditioned habits, or from something outside of themselves."

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