ADHD Assessment

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"Any of these sound familiar?
Concerned that your child might have ADHD?
Worried about a potential Learning Disability for your child?
Is your child struggling right now with completing school work at home, and wanting a more comprehensive idea of what might be hindering them?
An opportunity to have a professional take a closer look at your concerns
A clearer picture regarding the factors that might be influencing your child"s attention and learning, including the possibility of a future ADHD or learning disability diagnosis.
Insight into how multiple factors that may be interacting together to influence your child"s attention and learning
An opportunity to talk to a professional about possible beneficial next steps regarding possible further assessment and intervention options.
A comprehensive evaluation can be seen as similar to putting together a puzzle. In the beginning, there are puzzle pieces scattered all over the floor. You can see glimpses of possible images, but much of the larger picture is muddled. A full comprehensive evaluation involves gathering as many puzzle pieces as possible and putting them together to gain a wider picture. Because we have limited availability to offer cognitive and academic testing, we are not able to gather and add these pieces to our final picture. However, with an ADHD Assessment, the psychologist will take a look at the pieces we do have and offer some insights into what pictures seem to be forming and possible next steps to take."

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