ADHD Therapy

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At Betts Psychiatric, PC, we can provide ADHD therapy that is effective and comfortable, because living with it can be frustrating and difficult.
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"At Betts Psychiatric, we view ADHD as an information processing issue, rather than a specific mental health issue, which defines the way we treat our ADHD patients. Although ADHD is discovered as a child in most cases, it"s a lifelong issue, and depending on jobs, relationships, and different life circumstances, medications can be extremely helpful. Other techniques that have proved to be effective are:

social skills training
occupational organization and time management support
relationship counseling
diet and exercise guidance
Through ADHD therapy and medication management, we can increase the individual"s abilities and skills to process information in a manner that will allow them to regulate the emotional instabilities that can occur with ADHD. We also include family members throughout the process, in order to establish a strong support system for the patient."

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