Alcohol Abuse

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Our alcohol rehab facility can help you on your journey to sobriety through our alcoholism treatment program.
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"Drinking alcohol has been a part of culture since the dawn of time and there are many reasons why someone may drink. Socialization, celebration, and relaxation are all reasons why people drink but the effects of alcohol use can be a slippery slope. What was once a fun way to unwind with friends or coworkers after a long week can quickly become a source of stress, depression, and negative health issues.You"re never alone, and Serenity Lane is here to help you navigate the complex issue of alcoholism with our wide range of treatment programs. diagnosis of alcoholism or alcohol use disorder may be given to someone whose drinking patterns begin to negatively affect every aspect of their life. However, this addiction is not always easy to determine.The occasional alcohol drinker most likely will not suffer any lasting health effects if they are otherwise healthy. It becomes a different story if we"re discussing a habitually heavy drinker."

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