Anxiety, Depression, and Mood Disorders

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"Racing thoughts interfering with your ability to sleep at night, complete your work, or study for your exams? Or maybe you"re just feeling meh all the time, and you"re not interested in the things you used to spend your time doing. Perhaps you"re catching yourself comparing yourself to your peers and you"ve noticed your self-esteem take a dive. Maybe the hopelessness has crept in.It"s uncomfortable to catch your heart racing, pounding fast, or your hands getting sweaty. You"re not alone, and you"re not as out-of-control as you feel! You"re not crazy and you"re not alone. We will practice skillsincluding mindfulness, grounding, and "thinking" skills, in-session for symptom management, intended also to support lasting changes and giving space for all of you.You might feel disconnected from yourself, or like your words are constantly running away from you. It might feel impossible to build motivation to get up and go. Or perhaps you"re contemplating your existence, why you"re here, and the meaning of your life. Let"s explore that together, through honoring where you came from, who you are, and where you"re going."

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