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"Sometimes the stress of life alone becomes too much to bear alone. If you are feeling out of control or that your stress is more than you can manage on your own, the help of a counselor may be the right choice for you. And that is more than okay. It is important to recognize when what you"re experiencing goes beyond your abilities of coping on your own. It shows great strength to be able to acknowledge that you need the assistance of a therapist, and even greater strength to seek out that help. At Insight Northwest Counseling, we try to make that process as simple and accessible as possible. We are available to you to answer any questions, provide individual therapy to you to assist you in your healing and meet you wherever you are both in person and virtually.Life can be inherently difficult. There are challenges we all face in our lives that make it difficult to carry on with ease. In a culture where we have been told for generations that it is best to handle these challenges on our own, it may seem difficult to seek the help of a professional. But often, facing the struggles of life, mental illness and addiction require the help of a counselor or other mental health care provider and depriving yourself of that will only make those challenges more unmanageable."

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