Assisting Men In Making Life Transitions

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"This group provides adult men of all ages a safe and supportive environment to explore their life challenges and assist them in negotiating life"s many transitions including relationship break up, loss of loved one, job loss, career disruption or other changes in life circumstance. Most members appreciate the group "wisdom" and support as well as the opportunity to support other men.
Support men in leading healthy lives
Assist men in making life transitions
Explore how male gender role expectations and socialization affects ones" daily lives (including ability to ask for help, expression of emotion, and meeting needs for emotional intimacy.
Increase awareness of what our community and society needs from men.
Reflect on how we want to live our lives as men in the future.
Discuss how we, as men, can serve our community by helping other men lead healthy lives and resolving conflict in a non-violent manner."

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