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"Nutritionists and laboratories across the globe support the restorative and potent nutrition that seeds hold. Extensive studies show that seeds provide even more concentrated benefits than fruits and vegetables.
In order to maximize the health benefits of seeds, the process is key. By cold-pressing their ingredients, Rain protects the potent nutrition held in the seeds. This process also ensures that the supplements are bioavailable, so our bodies can easily digest and use each ingredient. To guarantee the highest quality products, Rain only uses GMO-free seeds and tests their product through bioanalytical laboratories.
Soul, Core, Bend, and Pure. Each features a unique combination of ingredients, ranging from BlackCumin Seeds to Milk Thistle Seeds. Choose Soul for a host of powerful antioxidants, Core to cleanse and fortify the body's organs, Bend for joint and cartilage support, or Pure for renewed gut health. Regardless of what you pick, prepare to recharge your body and feel your best."

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