Balance: an Aspect of Love

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"Balance is an aspect of Love - True Love; Divine Love.

But this Balance is not static as is a mathematical equation, but a dynamic Self-balancing organism which is in constant movement and expansion. Ironically, but geniously, that balancing act also contains the internal mechanism for a slight unbalancing nudge to happen when the balance is about to reach a still point; causing the forces of Love to reach a new balance.
When we choose to be guided by Divine Love we don"t live guided by formulas, rules, beliefs, books, stories, the opinions of others, etc. - not that these don"t a have place, but they are secondary to the living energy of Love. And thus living in this Way requires a great degree of wisdom, courage, faith, resilience and it"s often very uncomfortable. And yet, it is so life-affirming and empowering.
Balance in the path of True Love comes not as another formula to follow, but as a necessity that comes from Love Itself, why? Because Love does not accept exclusions. Love sees everything as part of Oneself and feels the pain when something is excluded or neglected.
While Love is not formulaic, it does have a Nature. This is important because Love is not a random thing, but a living-intelligent thing.
And one such aspect of the Nature of Love is that It always seeks a balance between everything, except Good and evil. Love is always against evil and turns into the passion to combat it if needed.
But isn"t good and evil subjective? For a mind without Divine Love, yes. But if one"s consciousness is centered in the Fire-ignited Heart, Good is its Way and evil is not - and the heart always knows the difference.
But yes, it is so easy to judge certain things as good and others as not in accordance with our personal preferences and comfort zones and that is certainly not the way of Love, but an unloving mental act. We also evolve in our understandings of these things, the more filled with Love we are. We see that things that are Good are actually balanced things and what is not Good is either an extreme or a corruption of those things.
When we are in Divine Love we always know the Truth, because it is Divine Love that knows the Truth and Divine Wisdom is inherent to It. The mind knows only information without Love.
The Balancing aspect of Love is beautifully represented in the symbols of many different traditions of Wisdom. The Christian cross conotes balance between above, below, left and right and a centering point at the heart. The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is one of the most amazing revelations of Divine Balance. The star of David is another balance symbol which also appears in the hindu symbol for the heart chakra. And of course, the yin-yang symbol of the Taoists, which, contrary to some erroneous views, is not the balance between good and bad; but between different types of Good that would actually be incomplete without the other.
So how do we apply this knowledge in a practical way to optimize the sense of balance in our lives? First, we understand that balance is achieved through the unifying and harmonizing power of Love. Second, but most important of all is acknowledging that there is a Source of that Love which is beyond the island of our body/mind vehicles (there is a Greater One). And thirdly, while all is indeed interconnected and the whole of Life is ever at work to balance and harmonize all of its parts, it helps to know what the parts are: self and other; male and female; above and below; left and right; justice and mercy; Divine within me and Divine beyond me; etc. Consciousness is essential for Love. If we don"t know what"s happening, how is it that we can witness and be part of the Love?
With "license" from the reader now, I will speak from the first person perspective to finish this post (an act of balancing!) and say that all my posts are about the same thing, even though they have different titles and themes. The message is always this: prioritize God by putting all your mind and heart on God; consecrate the vehicle of your body/mind/soul to God in Loving service to all beings (including you, but more focused on outer service) and like that find happiness; which includes balance!"

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