Behavioral Health

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Taking care of your behavioral health your thoughts, feelings and actions is important to your whole health. Chronic stress, anxiety, depression and addiction impacts both your physical health and your relationships.While everyone"s behavioral health needs are unique, you may want to think about seeking help if you have any of the following symptoms:Changes in sleep patterns
Unexplained weight loss
Lack of appetite
Trouble coping with a new diagnosis or treatment.No two people are alike and neither are their feelings, emotions and behaviors. PeaceHealth works closely with you to understand your unique needs and feelings and to create a treatment plan that enhances outcomes for you.Reaching out for help when you need it can be one of the most difficult steps toward healing your mind and body. Our compassionate and expert team is here for you ready to understand your unique needs and guide you to the treatment that gives you the power to feel better.Behavioral health conditions like anxiety, depression or stress can be isolating. That"s why we take a team approach to care and invite your friends and family to support you"

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