Borderline Personality

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Eugene therapy and counseling private practice from Jill Leffingwell. Support for individuals, children, family, adolescent, and couples.
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"I believe that, as human beings, we all have an inherent and natural capacity to reach our full potential and flourish. However, many people find it difficult to access their highest self. As a therapist, it"s my job to work with you and support you to identify the barriers that prevent you from living a full and satisfying life. It may be that you have experienced traumatic events. You may have learned beliefs and behaviors in childhood that no longer work for you. You may have been impacted by your own addictions, or the addictions of others that are close to you. It may be that your own thoughts are getting in your way. Whatever it is that is causing you emotional pain, you don"t have to live with it alone!Once we have discovered, together, what stops you from living the life you want, I will help you explore new ideas about yourself, practice new behaviors, and receive information that will help you understand and address your unique challenges in an environment of safety. I will treat you with respect, kindness, and compassion. I will also be honest and direct with you and tell you about the most recent, research based strategies I have learned to make the changes you want.The therapeutic process is a wonderful first step toward overcoming depression, relieving anxiety, coping with grief and loss, and improving relationships with loved ones, among many other benefits."

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