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"Tapping has a long-lasting effect because we are shifting your body"s response to certain thoughts, feelings, beliefs and physical symptoms. What can happen is as we work on one layer of an issue, others may arise-the "peeling of the onion" effect.Working one-on-one with me helps you go deeper into what is coming up for you. First, I may pick up on details that you haven"t considered yet. Second, it is more potent to be seen and heard by someone who empathizes with you. Lastly, you receive support along your healing journey.Yes! Tapping is safe and useful for any age or walk of life.You are encouraged to tap whenever you need relief from a stressor in your life. Tapping can be used with any stressor-big or small. Tapping is part of your self-care so use it as often as it feels right for you."

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