Care For The Caregivers

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"Health care professionals such as Nurses, Doctors, Social Workers, Chaplains and Healers are taught at length the skills for helping/ serving others. Unfortunately, in these stressful times the broken health care system tends to wear down its caregivers leading to weariness, loss of passion and ultimately to "burn out."

Care For The Caregivers was developed to provide you with the tools to nurture yourself as you serve others so that you can remain healthy and productive for many years to come.

Each Caregiver is unique so we offer a wide assortment of modalities from which to craft your customized support. Care For The Caregiver services include:

Counseling-to reduce stress, to hone coping skills and to assist you in rekindling the passion for your unique practice.

Healing Touch/ Shamanic Practices and "Energy Based" techniques to remove misplaced/ blocked energy, to restore vital essence lost in trauma/ stress, to create balance and to teach you tools for receiving direct guidance and support from your personal spiritual helpers."

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