Colonic Hydrotherapy

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"Via gravity, filtered water is drawn simultaneously into and out of the body naturally, and without force. Through the interaction of water, gravity and skillful bodywork, stagnant waste(s) trapped within the colon are effortlessly released. The colonic method employed at Love Being (based on The Wood's Gravity Method) is the most gentle, and, subsequently, most powerful form of colonic hydrotherapy available. Nothing is ever rushed or forced, as such, results are always in alignment with the deepest needs of the body. The Wood's Gravity Method is a Closed-System style of colon hydrotherapy. This means, that waste is evacuated safely and hygienically through a tube and disposed of immediately. There is no mess or smell. Bodywork consists of light touch along the abdomen and back at specific points, and is done with great care and attention.*If you are new to colon hydrotherapy, or looking for a "shift", it is encouraged that you do a series of at least 3 colonics close together. A few days or up to a week apart will do depending on the individual. Colonics can initiate a powerful healing response that may necessitate deeper cleansing in order to experience the truly magical clarity that is the inherent potential of a properly performed series of colonics."

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