Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation

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Any of these sound familiar? Concerned that your child might have ADHD? Worried about a potential Learning Disability for your child? Is your child
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"A comprehensive evaluation can be seen as similar to putting together a puzzle. In the beginning, there are puzzle pieces scattered all over the floor. You can see glimpses of possible images, but much of the larger picture is muddled. A full comprehensive evaluation involves gathering as many puzzle pieces as possible and putting them together to gain a wider picture. Because we are unable to offer cognitive and academic testing, we are not able to gather and add these pieces to our final picture. However, with an educational consultation, the psychologist will take a look at the pieces we do have and offer some insights into what pictures seem to be forming and possible next steps to take.The first service is an Educational Consultation that involves behavioral questionnaires and an interview with our psychologist, Dr. Karrie Walters, to discuss your concerns. She can offer guidance on possible next steps regarding diagnosis as well as offer suggestions for accommodations in school and at home that may be beneficial for you. In addition to being a licensed psychologist, Dr. Walters also holds a Master"s degree in Special Education. She has many years of experience working with students with ADHD and learning disabilities. This is a consultation appointment only; no official diagnosis will be made or report written.The second service we offer is a Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation. This service includes the full battery of cognitive testing, including an I.Q. test and a learning achievement test in addition to behavioral questionnaires, an in-person interview with Dr. Walters, and a phone consult with the child"s teacher. This service is recommended for more complicated cases or if there are concerns of a learning disability or ADHD. This service includes an official diagnosis and a 10-page report that can be taken to the school for accommodations and to a health care provider for treatment."

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