Conscious Relationships

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"Relationships are central in our lives: our relationship to ourselves, to other people, and to the world around us. Now, in my 60s, I am acutely aware of the challenge that single baby boomers are facing in this world that is changing so quickly. Computers are taking over the match-making process, and finding a comfortable and safe environment to meet like-minded singles can be difficult. At this stage of life, most of us have lived with others, had significant love relationships, lost loved ones and experienced relationship deeply. Many of us are, for the most part, no longer looking to relate superficially, but to find someone we respect and trust with whom we can grow and love now and through the ending stages of life.Bringing different needs and expectations to relationship, at this time in our lives, in a social environment that has become increasingly more mechanized, creates challenges to make contact in a more natural and personal way. In this new millennium, one of the most critical tasks we face is clear, honest, heart-centered communication between people and particularly between partners. The change in mores, gender roles, finances and spirituality have revolutionized our expectations and made relating a more dynamic and crucial process for a viable relationship. It is therefore incumbent upon us to try to use all the tools that we can muster to know and accept ourselves as we are, and to communicate from a place of integrity and transparency in order to create a foundation for relationship that is based on honesty and trust. Through authenticity, we can evaluate honestly what connecting points and commonality we have with a potential partner.


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