Counseling for Same-Sex Couples and LGBTQ Community

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"Same sex partners have similar issues and problems as straight couples. Like many straight couples, same sex partners enter couples therapy to navigate the everyday stressors of life impacting their relationship, and to build a healthy foundation and form long lasting, stable relationships.Staying connected in your relationship - Creating a foundations and offering support so you both feel heard.Improving communication - Interrupting patterns that don't serve your relationship, and providing tools and strategies so you can understand your partner and yourself better.Daily stressors - Navigating work and too little time together, financial stressors, stress management, personal responsibility, anger, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief & loss, conflict and working towards a common goal. Social Concerns- Concerns about, or differences in need for family, work and community support, feelings of isolation, discrimination, religion, ethnicity, culture, health condition, age, disability, education, socio-economic standing.Same Sex Marriage Issues- Sex and intimacy issues, public display of affection, emotional cheating, family building, assisted reproduction, adoption, surrogacy, parenting and co-parenting, legal/medical discrimination, navigating past relationships, divorce or dissolution."

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