Counseling To Support The Natural Aging Process

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"Aging is a natural part of life. From the mid-60s to the end of life, we are in the period of development known as late adulthood. In this stage of life, therapy can help adults to face the practical tasks, spiritual questions, and medical concerns of aging. As we age, it is common to experience the emotions of depression or anxiety, and to deal with grief as friends and family members pass on. Therapy can also help people who may have difficulty with the transitions of aging to manage their emotions, find new sources of enjoyment and meaning, and find new support systems.
Individual or family therapy can also assist family members who may be caretakers of their elder relatives, as it can support them in dealing with their emotions, questions, and communication issues. Counseling can provide comfort for caregivers and their loved ones to collaborate on decisions and to have meaningful conversation in a safe, supportive space.
Whether you are observing your own process of aging or caregiving for a loved one who is aging or preparing for death, our counselor who specialize in aging and end-of-life issues can offer comfort and support to explore common questions and issues, while offering tools for support and end-of-life advocacy.
Aging and End-of-Life counseling can help you to:
Cope with medical issues of aging and physical pain
Process anxiety, fears and unresolved issues
Process depression, grief and cope with emotional pain
Process the emotional and spiritual aspects of death
Open new lines of communication with loved ones
Heal unresolved family and relationship conflicts
Improve quality of life
Support self-care when caregiving for an ill family member
Discuss health care options at the end of life"

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