Creative Career Counseling

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"Your career is part of your life"s story, giving you identity, meaning, and purpose. Our stories are ever-evolving, and sometimes we find ourselves in a place of transition. I offer career-related counseling services for those seeking guidance, support, and assessments to figure out in what direction to take their professional life. We all want to feel like we have a calling and purpose, but it can be hard to understand when so many factors are at play. The career decision-making process can help us discover what is suitable for us at whatever stage in life we are currently in. Maybe you are a mom returning to the workforce after some time off to raise your children. Or a young adult several years out of college but lacking direction. You might feel burned out in an already established career or interested in taking a leap of faith on a long-ago career desire.Finding the right job can take time, and professional support and coaching will greatly ease this process. I offer a safe, supportive, and creative environment where you can be honest, acknowledge and work to overcome your fears, reflect on your past choices, share your dreams and goals, and focus on taking control of your future."

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