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"We honor a diversity of life experiences and support compassionate inclusion of all abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, multicultural world views, ethnicity, race, spiritual views, just to name a fewBIPOC and LGBTQ Lives Matter.We believe creativity, inspiration, generosity, kindness, diversity, art, embodiment, movement, dance, music, mythology, poetry, mindfulness, community, and kinship with nature and animals are some of the most powerful healing experiences available to humans.We offer a Transpersonal and Integrative healing approach. In addition to the more traditional mental, emotional, physical aspects of self, we seek to incorporate spirit and all other aspects of a person"s life that are also essential to healing.We work with alternative healing modalities and incorporate other types of healing relationships such as meditation, mindfulness, expressive arts (painting, drawing, poetry, writing, music, movement/dance), yoga, animal supported therapy, and nature based/ecotherapy to help a person access inspiration for evolutionary life changes."

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