Developing A More Balanced Relationship

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Couples that are struggling in their relationship and want to learn communication skills. The goal to a good relationiship is to feel heard and understood.
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"Whether you are dating, looking forward to your wedding day, or have been married for 40 years, couples counseling can enrich and deepen your relationship together. Each individual in the relationship is a product of their environment, family upbringing, and their personal experiences. As such, each individual brings all of these aspects of their lives into the relationship which then results in a unique, new dynamic, specific to the couple. In order for any relationship to be healthy and fulfilling, time must be invested in exploring how all of these dynamics impact the relationship. Through the process of couples counseling, the couple is equipped with tools that help them gain a better understanding of their relationship, leading to a more fulfilling future.
Areas of focus include:
Exploring strength and growth areas
Strengthening communication skills
Identifying and managing major stressors
Resolving conflict
Developing a more balanced relationship
Exploring family of origin issues
Discussing financial planning and budgeting
Establishing personal, couple and family goals
Understanding and appreciating personality differences"

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