Diabetes Community Care Team

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Quoted From: https://dcct.life/mission-vision-and-values/

"The Diabetes Community Care Team is a nonprofit, pharmacist-operated diabetes clinic which increases opportunities for people living with diabetes to access medical care and education. Our specially-trained diabetes pharmacists provide quality care for individuals living with all types of diabetes. As a pharmacist-operated clinic, Diabetes Community Care Team works in collaboration with patients and practitioners. This unique set-up facilitates a collaborative focus on patients managing their diabetes. Special emphasis is made on managing medications and adjusting treatments as needed. Our pharmacy can bill most insurances, both public and private. The Diabetes Community Care Team Mission is to help people with all types of diabetes manage the challenges of living with a chronic disease and mitigate barriers to care including financial, psychological, and medical. While we hope that one day diabetes can be cured and/or eliminated, our vision is to ensure ongoing community access to quality diabetes treatment, education, care, and management regardless of financial or insurance status now and in the future. Diabetes is no longer the death sentence it once was provided that people living with this condition have sustained access to quality care and treatment. Yet diabetes remains the 7th leading cause of death in the United States, many of which are disproportionately part of racial minorities and/or of limited financial means."

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