Disability Management

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"Disability Management is a workforce prevention and remediation strategy that seeks to prevent disability from occurring or, lacking that, to intervene early following the onset of disability, using coordinated, cost-conscious and quality rehabilitation services that reflect an organization of those experiencing functional work limitations.

Northwest Disability Management helps employers focus on policies and programs to keep workers on the job and return them to work after illness and injury as soon as medically possible.

Employers have a growing list of Human Resource responsibilities and compliance issues. Identifying specific needs in areas such as early intervention case management for industrial or non-occupational claims, transitional work programs and workplace safety training can be challenging.

A Disability Management Consultant has the advantage of observing needs from an objective perspective. Coupled with Human Resources knowledge of corporate culture, data history, production goals, characteristics of the workforce, etc., this makes for a dynamic team.

We offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your disability management strategy. We can construct a tailor-made program to meet your specific needs from the most basic to the more complex."

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