Disorganization and problems prioritizing

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ADHD Counseling can help along with prescription medication. Schedule an appointment with a therapist who treats ADHD in Oregon today.
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"ADHD is often difficult to diagnose, but if you have been diagnosed, we"d be happy to help you explore treatment options with a therapist specializing in ADHD. If you have not been diagnosed, we"d be happy to make a referral for an ADHD assessment in Eugene and then discuss the variety of treatment options we provide at Eugene Therapy.Symptoms of ADHD typically develop in childhood, but over 60% of children continue to experience symptoms when they reach adulthood.t our practice, our compassionate therapists can help you learn or strengthen positive behaviors and eliminate unwanted or problem behavior. They can teach you techniques to work through distractions. Each case of ADHD is different and our therapists will work with you or your child to ensure that treatment is tailored to each unique experience with ADHD."

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