Do I Need Anxiety Counseling?

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"If you"re concerned about managing your anxiety, you"re not alone. Many people require further help to better cope with anxiety. It"s normal to experience occasional anxiety as a part of life. For some, that can go away. But for others, the intrusive thoughts and overwhelming worries don"t seem to stop. Your anxiety may also include physical symptoms, like rapid heartbeat, dizziness, excessive sweating, nausea, or breathing difficulties. Experiencing anxiety at this scale can eventually interfere with school, work, social life, and your relationships. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you might require help with anxiety management. When confronted with anxiety or excessive worry, the natural, human thing to do is to try to stop it. . It may sound scary, but the secret to managing anxiety is to find ways to embrace it. By doing so, you might realize that you can manage it better than you give yourself credit."

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