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"The subconscious mind does not differentiate from really doing something or pretending to do something. When I say pretending, I mean thinking about, talking about it, watching it, or even listening to it. We are the only species that can trigger an emotional response, wanted or unwanted, merely by thinking about something. The subconscious mind always responds as if what you are focused on is happening right here and now because your thoughts trigger your emotions. This is often to our detriment. But in hypnosis, we use this fact to create real change by practicing, in the privacy of our own minds, the way we want things to be. Also, the subconscious mind is a bit like a computer in that it speaks its own language, and that is the language of imagery. Your subconscious mind takes all the incoming data and translates it into imagery. The context of all those neural pathways in your brain is based on imagery! It makes sense when you remember that we"ve been learning, growing, and creating new neural pathways since birth, long before we had language acquisition."

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