Ego State Therapy

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Ego state therapy was developed to help people to understand themselves on a deep level, in order to reduce internal conflict among their parts and establish inner harmony.
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"We all have experiences at times in our lives during which we feel overwhelmed, and sometimes we are not able to fully understand and make sense of the experiences. When we think about them, it is as if a part of us got frozen in that moment, stuck in our inability to come to terms with the experience. A part of us never moves on- that part is an ego state.Later on, if something reminds us of the experience, we may act as though we are still there, stuck in a childish, adolescent or emotional state, without access to the wisdom, maturity and balance we may enjoy at other times.Having ego states or parts that are not integrated into the rest of our minds is especially common for people whose childhood caregivers were not closely attuned to their emotional needs, or who experienced neglect or abuse during childhood or adolescence. We are all born helpless, unable to meet our needs for survival, and unable to soothe our own emotions. We depend on the care of adults around us to meet our needs and regulate our emotions. Even as adults, survival and emotion regulation are group tasks; we live in societies, and we share our experiences with others to help us to cope with difficulties.Healthy psychological development depends on an environment in which it is safe to express valid needs and emotions. When children grow up without this safety and security, they frequently feel overwhelmed. They may learn to dissociate their needs and emotions to avoid their unbearable overwhelming feelings, to reduce stress on the family, or to prevent further exposure to danger from their caregivers."

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