Electricity - The Invisible Energy In Your Body

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Quoted From: https://www.zenbriohouse.com/post/electricity-the-invisible-energy-in-your-body

"Let"s liken the energy system in your body to the electrical system in your house. Your body is electric, with an energy system in place to transport chi/or life energy to your vital organs and throughout your body.
This is similar to the way wires transport electricity to the various rooms, fixtures and devices in your home.
For example: When the room you walk into is dark, you turn on the switch and WhALA! You have light! How did that happen? It"s part of the electrical circuit in your home. Just because you can"t see it, does not mean it is not there, and the effect it brings.
But what if you turn on the switch and the light doesn"t come on? You check the switch, and turn it on and off, to no avail.
Something is not making a connection. You check the bulb and it"s fine, and you go to the circuit breaker box and find one of the breakers has switched off. Simple enough. You switch it back on and check the light switch again. You now have lights again.
What caused that? Perhaps the circuit was overloaded. Your body is similar. Stress can cause an electrical circuit to "switch off" just like a circuit breaker in your electrical box in your home. If you know how to reset it, or balance your body, you can turn the switch back on and get the energy flowing properly again."

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