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Immersion Health brings a new approach of treatment to patients with a range of issues from cancer, autoimmune issues, toxic mold exposure, SIBO and more. Click to learn more about our treatment center.
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"A large and growing body of research is demonstrating scientifically what has been known for a few thousand years: acupuncture and Chinese herbs play an extremely important role in cancer care. Acupuncture can help with a multitude of issues including pain relief and reduction of symptoms associated, with immune stimulation and enhanced vitality. Chinese medicine is vital to the overall well-being of cancer patients.Electroacupuncture involves the application of low-intensity electric current to acupuncture needles once the needles are on the body. This is a method that has been studied and demonstrated to have a uniquely powerful effect in achieving pain relief. It is also indicated in the treatment of digestive disorders, PMS, muscle spasms, and more."

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