Emotion Code

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I offer Emotion Code Sessions/Body Code Sessions releasing traumas, baggage, and limiting beliefs, replacing them with life giving positive energies.
Quoted From: https://www.abetterlifechoice.com/services/

"Everything is energy, all things are possible and we are all connected so all of the means of conducting a session are equally effective.I practice The Emotion Code/Body Code and many other modalities of energy healing, releasing traumas, baggage, walls around the heart and limiting beliefs and replacing them with life giving positive energies. I am also a life transformation coach with many tools to accelerate healing and transformation.

My work with you will be as unique as you are because I connect to your subconscious mind to find out what is underlying your presenting issues, to find out what negative energies are blocking you. As a result, the work I do each session is uniquely responsive to your needs in the moment. I enjoy variety in my work: people of all ages, from around the world come to me for different reasons and elicit different aspects of my training and experience."

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