Energy Coaching: A Perfect Blend of Stress Reduction & Personal Growth

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"Can you think of a time in your life when you had a challenge or problem that made you feel stuckand then you went to visit a good friend. In the midst of a fun visit with your friend, you end up having a meaty discussion about your problem and somehow miraculously solve the issue. Your stress level drops significantly. It"s like everything "clicks" and the situation feels so much easier.That"s essentially what Energy Coaching feels like. Of course it"s a bit more complicated than that, but to describe in overly simplistic terms it"s basically a fun, productive and stress reducing conversation with some energy work thrown in.Maybe you have fun and productive, problem-solving conversations all the time. (Lucky you! Can I meet your friend?) Or, maybe you don"t.If that"s the case, might I suggest Energy Coaching? It helps relieve stress, work through problems, and bring more clarity to your goals."

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